2021 What to Watch For — The Great American Revolution

“When you hear of wars and revolutions, don’t be terrified! These things must happen first, but the end will not come immediately.”

[Luke 21:9]

As I write this, there is a surreal and sobering reality that dominates my mind.

What I am about to say is simply my perspective of where we are as a nation.

Without being overly dramatic or being held captive by the moment, this is where I stand at the present.

Our nation as we know it effectively is over. One way or the other, America will never be the same after this. Possibly for the good. Possibly for the bad. Either way, something big is happening. Something that will forever change the fabric and future of our country. A monumental shift has taken place in America, and there will be no going back.

Call it revolution. Call it civil war. Call it the great purge. Call it whatever you want.

All I know is that we had better brace ourselves for what is coming — for what is already happening.

Could we be witnessing the beginning of another American revolution?

These are the Facts

Facts seem to be at a premium these days. With the coordinated efforts of social media big tech censorship combined with the fake news machine of the mainstream media, it has become increasingly difficult — almost impossible — to get the facts. We have become inundated by misinformation, deception and confusion to the point that it’s hard to know what to believe anymore.

So I will do my best here to simply lay out the facts in concise fashion to demonstrate how our nation got to this point.

Donald Trump Shocked the World by Winning the 2016 Election Against All Odds

No one can deny the fact that Donald Trump is an enigma — an anomaly — and he was not supposed to be part of the equation. How could an arrogant, playboy billionaire with no political experience ever have a chance to become president of the United States? I dare say few saw it coming, and yet Trump shocked the corrupt Washington establishment by defeating Hillary Clinton by promising to “make America great again.” Apparently there were enough American people who were fed up with the lies and corruption of the proverbial swamp and who wanted to preserve the precious God-given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The Washington Establishment and Media Moguls have attempted to bring Trump down from Day 1

Even before Donald Trump took office, there was an all-out, coordinated attempt to destroy him. Just think about it. It literally has been Trump representing the American people against the corrupt establishment. One man, attempting to drain the cess pool of the swamp and expose the treasonous actors behind the deep state.

Trump’s enemies include all career politicians at every level of government from both political parties — including past presidents — the Department of Justice and CIA, all mainstream media moguls and their networks, all social media moguls and their platforms, big tech, public educators and universities. China, Iran and the European Union hate Trump. Even many people in his own cabinet and on his own staff were compromised and turned against him. He virtually has no one he can trust.

Just consider a sampling of what Trump has had to endure since taking office.

  1. The Fake Russian collusion scandal — not only proven to be a false and totally fabricated story but in reality the real Russian collusion was being carried out by Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton in a coordinated effort to sabotage Trump, even before he took office.
  2. The blackmailing and framing of General Michael Flynn, Trump’s director of National Security Adviser.
  3. The bogus Mueller investigation — almost two years wasting millions of tax-payers money to prove that Trump was innocent of Russian collusion
  4. The baseless Ukraine scandal — interestingly it is Hunter and Joe Biden who seem to be connected to trading political favors to Ukrainian oligarchs for money
  5. The first impeachment attempt — another waste of time and taxpayer money. Trump was quickly acquitted by the Senate because of the baseless claims of “abuse of power.”
  6. COVID-19 — Trump was blamed for shutting the nation down, then blamed for not shutting the nation down. Trump is being blamed the one responsible for all American Covid deaths.
  7. Social Justice riots — Trump somehow was blamed for being a racist dictator when he insisted on maintaining law and order, while the corrupt politicians and mainstream media encouraged the violence and the burning down of American cities.
  8. Election fraud — overwhelming evidence that the 2020 election was a coordinated effort to steal the presidency from Trump, who received nearly 75 million votes — the most for any incumbent in American history. The statistical anomalies alone prove that there was massive fraud in the 2020 election. Consider that the total number of votes cast exceeded the total number of eligible voters in the U.S., along with an abundance of hard evidence that the outcome of this election cannot be trusted.
  9. The theatrics of the storming of the U.S. Capitol building — another coordinated attempt to blame Trump for “insurrection” and for inciting violence and sponsor terrorism.
  10. Big Tech companies (Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Google) have coordinated together to censor and completely silence President Trump in an unprecedented assault on the 1st Amendment to the Constitution.
  11. The second attempt to impeach and/or immediately removal from Trump from office with less than two weeks left in his term. No president in U.S. history has ever been impeached twice.

The Corrupt Washington Establishment will do ANYTHING to Remain in Power

Here we are with less than a week left in Trump’s term, and yet the Washington establishment is still attempting to destroy Trump.

My question is … WHY?

If they already “won” the election and Trump is on his way out the door, then why would Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer be trying to impeach him again and accuse him of insurrection?

I know the narrative is that Trump’s enemies vow to make it impossible for Trump to ever be able to run again for political office again, but I don’t believe that is why they are trying to bring him down when he is already on the way out of the White House.

I believe the Washington establishment is scared to death. I believe they know that Donald Trump has the proof and power necessary to expose them for all the years of unchecked corruption, lies, blackmail, immorality, fraud, and organized racketeering that has made them rich. I believe Trump has the evidence to expose high-level government officials and media moguls of crimes against humanity and crimes of treason and sedition. Crimes against America.

Perhaps this is why these people loathe and despise Donald Trump so much. He is not one of the “good ole boys.” He isn’t bought and compromised like 99% of Washington. He doesn’t play their sick and demented games because he doesn’t have to. Trump is hated because he is an outsider, and from day one he was never welcomed in Washington. They hate him because they can’t control him.

As the most powerful man in the world, who now has classified information about all the political crimes being carried out in American media and government, he has the power to expose these wicked and evil rulers for who they are. That is why they want to destroy Trump. I believe they will do anything to keep their place in power, and they have proven as much.

What Happens if Trump Exposes Everything?

What if Trump beat them at their own game?

What if Trump purposefully allowed all of this to transpire to the very end so that he could catch all of these career criminals in the act of treason and sedition and crimes against humanity?

What if Trump is about to declassify all the evidence at his disposal and reveal once and for all to the American people who these godless criminals really are by exposing their deeds of darkness.

Consider the classified information that Trump now has at his disposal.

  1. Julian Assange and the Wikileaks data breach of declassified information
  2. Hillary Clinton emails
  3. Anthony Weiner laptop
  4. Ghislaine Maxwell’s testimony about the Epstein pedophile network and flight logs
  5. Hunter Biden’s laptop
  6. Nancy Pelosi’s laptop — taken during the staged “siege” of the U.S. Capitol building

Fox News Analyst Sean Hannity said just two days ago that the contents found on the Hunter Biden laptop alone will be enough to “shock the soul of this nation.”

Watch Here

With less than one week remaining in Trump’s presidency, many are wondering if Trump is finally going to play his “Trump Card” and declassify everything for the American people to see for themselves.

If he does, then we could see high-level government officials arrested and tried for treason, sedition and crimes against humanity. We could see the biggest scandal in American history be exposed before our very eyes.

All I can say is … you better brace yourselves. If this happens in the next week, then our nation will be thrust into chaos like we’ve never seen before. Martial law is almost sure to follow. Riots will erupt and the entire nation will be forced to choose who to believe and whose side they are on.

This could be the beginning of the Great American Revolution.

Be sure to turn on your emergency alert notifications on your mobile devices.

Fill up with gas and stock up on essentials.

Have a plan to protect your family if things go dark.

And Pray like never before.

Have mercy Lord Jesus.

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    ..pray for God’s will and favor

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